About Us

InkXperts started in may 2007 and is 100% locally owned and operated in Moncton, NB. Servicing the Maritime Provinces.


I was in this industry for a few years before taking over InkXperts and during those years I had learnt very quickly what it is that people needed when it came to their printing needs. I was shocked to see that their was no company out there supplying or offering what customers needed unless charging a fortune and then still providing the bare minimum when it came to service not to mention the poor quality products. I saw an opportunity to help companies get the quality they deserve and to save them thousands of dollars. Which is why I took over InkXperts.


Since that time InkXperts has helped hundreds of companies by supplying them the highest quality products and service and saving them thousands of dollars at the same time.


InkXperts is now showing the industry that you can spend less and get so much more. Since I have taken over InkXperts, I have seen a lot of companies have to lower their prices in order to compete, which proves that there was a need for me to introduce InkXperts to the industry.


At InkXperts, we care a lot about communities and the environment which is why we are continually doing some kind of community event which gives back to the community in each of the areas we do business. We also pick up and dispose of your empty cartridges at no cost to you. This way they are disposed of properly (NO LANDFILL).


I will continually work as hard as I can to always provide you the best quality products and service possible.