"We at Lounsbury Automotive, Miramichi, NB would like to take a moment and give credit where credit is due to Rick at Inkxperts!
Previously, our branch had been with another supplier for all our ink cartridges.  As you all know, cutting costs and saving your company money is one of our main goals.  With this in mind, Rick at Inkxperts not only cut costs alot..but provided us with the quality of cartridges that we require, and his service is fantastic!  In a fast and busy working environment you do not have any time to waste on wondering if your order will be right, when are we going to get our order or when are you able to be here for service?  I must say that Rick is so accurate with our orders, so perfectly on time...whether it is for delivery of products or for service to our units. Rick will go out of his way to make sure we are provided the service he says he has to offer.   We have a pretty good system set up here at our office and Rick sees to it that nobody runs out of cartridges.  This is appreciated very much!
So Rick,  all the best to you and we sure hope you do not burn out!  Keep being your honest and helpful self and keep smilin!"
Lounsbury Automotive