What You Get

Our customers get the best quality products and service in the industry.


Incredible pricing and free consultations about your printing needs ie. The right printer for your needs and the most cost efficient way of printing and ordering supplies.



Proper disposal of your used products.

Corporate customers also receive the following.



In addition to top quality remanufactured products, InkXperts is taking customer service to new heights by offering a FREE 5 week preventative maintenance program. On our initial visit we will assess your printing needs and implement a five week cycle specific to your needs. At the end of the five weeks, our representative will return to your company to discard of any empty cartridges and re-order your products. We will at that time perform our preventative maintenance and test prints to ensure your printers are printing the best quality possible...


What does our preventative maintenance program mean???


- Regular visits every 5 weeks
- Removal and cleaning of all paper path rollers, pick up rollers, transfer rollers etc…
- General cleaning of printer
- Test prints and page counts to determine the most cost effective purchasing of printing cartridges.
- Pick up and disposal of empty cartridges.
- Re-order of your products.


Our customers no longer need to worry about where to dispose of cartridges nor the hassle of re-ordering.

Our 5 week program is so efficient our customers always have what they need when they need it.
At InkXperts, we are very conscious of the environment.  Our representative will pick up your empty cartridges in order to keep them out of landfill sites.